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Please know that I have not tried all of these places before, so I cannot guarantee the taste. All I know is that they resemble more of what I've had in my childhood and I encourage all of you to try for yourself. I also do not know what the owner's political alignments are. If you know anything, and can proof it - I am happy to put it in the descriptions. Please remember I am simply helping those who want a taste of home or try something authentic in Japan.

I would love to hear what you think of the places, and if you would like to share your thoughts, please contact me!


Image by Chromatograph


Here is a list of all the places in Kansai and Kanto (please scroll to see the full list!) that serves authentic Hong Kong foods like HK style cafes, dim sum restaurants and dessert places. You can scroll & click on the pins for a description of the restaurant.

If you know any places not on the list, please contact me!!

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My Review of YUEN KEE in Kobe

Amazing Cantonese Dim Sum In Kobe, Motomachi - made by Chinese chefs! Very authentic dimsum in Kansai. Their siu mai is the best!


My Review of 源元食堂

AnotherHong Kong Style Cafe Food in Osaka (港式茶餐廳 - 大阪). 


My Review of 香港軽食

Some of the best Hong Kong Style Cafe Food in Osaka (港式茶餐廳 - 大阪). Their BBQ pork rice, egg tarts and milk tea are great!

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