Hello, I'm an anonymous red panda. Welcome to my blog!

I'm many things, but I'm an English teacher, an amateur graphic designer, social media manager, an internet addict and a shitty gamer.

I've been living in Kansai for 6 years, and traveled to all the prefectures in Japan as of 2019 - just lazy and haven't written about them yet.

This is my dedicated space to share my life in Japan with you, and tips on how to travel in Japan plus juggle work (as an assistant language teacher abroad).


You may previously know me as a human with a name, but because of some work-related busybodies who seem to be of the opinion that my online presence is a conflict of interest to my work at school, I've decided to continue this hobby of mine in an animorphic state. I've written about this on my blog somewhat, but I hope you will all understand and support me!

I chose the red panda as my "animorph" due to it being my favourite animal... and it is quite similar to me. It's Asian (so am I!), and has probably lived in other parts of the world if it's under the care of a zoo (for me, that's Canada and now Japan). 

Please remember: Everyone has their own experiences. Please do your research accordingly.